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My last two blogs were silly maths related comic strips. I actually made a handful of them (8 to be precise), and at least some of the people who I showed them to appreciated the humour.

So I decided to throw together a simple website for them and join the webcomic fad like the sheep that I really am!

Check it out at:
Even if you aren’t a mathematician some of the comics can be appreciated.

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Maths for Laughs

Guess what, another one!

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This is a comic strip version of a rather silly maths joke I heard a while ago (and proceeded to tell all of my coursemates).

Online comics are wonderful things, and I read quite a few of them. I’ve always wanted to try my hand at something like this, and assuming I can think of more silly things which would translate well into a comic strip, I might well make some more.

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Devilish methods

“Let an insult or a woman’s body so fix his attention outward that he does not reflect ‘I am now entering into the state calle Anger–or the state called Lust.’ Contrariwise let the reflection ‘My feelings are now growing more devout, or more charitable’ so fix his attention inward that he no longer looks beyond himself to see out Enemy or his own neighbours.” – Screwtape

Taken from “The Screwtape Letters” by C.S. Lewis. They are a collection of fictional letters written by Screwtape, a demon, to his nephew Wormwood advising him in the best ways to manipulate and win over a man to Satan. The word Enemy in the excerpt refers to God.

After reading this little gem a couple of days ago it has become all to clear to me that C.S. Lewis knew exactly what he was on about when he wrote this. The more I reflect on these words the more I realise that every time I sin my thoughts are outwards, and whenever I do “good” (which is of course always a relative term) I turn my eyes inwards and begin to praise myself.

The subtlety of Satan is a remarkably scary thing, and since reading this I have been trying very hard to reflect on what is actually going on in my heart when I sin, and what is going on around me when I am doing “good”. This is no easy task, but it has had a marked affect on me already, even if the sin has not noticeably reduced I certainly am much more aware of it now.

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The magical case

I’m something of a hoarder, and as such I keep hold of a lot of things that I probably should throw away. I also keep hold of a lot of things which are really useful or cool, and I’m very glad I haven’t thrown them away. One of these things is my bag of memories, in which I stuffed all sorts of things which held some specific memory for me. The bad has been getting rather too full, so today I emptied it out and transferred everything into a slightly larger green suitcase.

So every now and then I will be posting a picture of one of the items that is now in the case, along with a brief explanation of why they are in there. The bag has remained hidden away for my eyes only for nearly a decade now (with the oldest stuff being from 1997), so I think it’s about time I let someone else have a look!

Watch this space…

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I just sneezed 8 times in a row.

In other news, me and Joe started cleaning the kitchen today. We’re cleaning out all the cupboards and rearranging stuff at the moment, then we’ll wipe down all the counters and mop the floor. Unfortunately Joe had to go into work today unexpectedly, so we didn’t get as much done as we’d hoped, but he’ll be back tomorrow to do more. I now have a few hours before I have to go to work, so I’m going to carry on with some of the cleaning and relax for a bit.

Life is so much better when you have something practical to be doing!

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Why do you love me?

Thankyou xkcd, for making me smile (and laugh out loud at many of the strips).

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The Leicester mafia

Yep, thats right, I have taken my first step towards joining the Leicester mafia. On wednesday I am to be tried and tested, to determine whether or not I am suitable to join the organisation. If I succeed in impressing them, then I will be joining what was refered to by H as “the family”.

OK, so it’s not actually the mafia. But it is an Italian restaurant, and my boss really is called H! If they’re happy with my performance I will have a semi-permanent job there, most likely every friday and saturday and a couple of other days during the week. I’ve been having some money issues recently (read: all summer), so this is a very welcome change for my work situation. Especially since I will be able to keep working there during term and the other holidays.

There are a few downsides to this of course…

Friday night is the main CU meeting. I will not be able to attend them anymore. Wednesday night is my Church home group, which I will not be able to attend every week (although I won’t be working every wednesday). I decided that this was better than having no money however, and I will still be actively involved in the CU, especially during the mid week prayer meetings as I’m on the prayer team! I also won’t be working on mondays, since I will be involved in the Alpha course my Church is running on monday nights from the start of October until Christmas, and I will have sunday mornings free for Church of course!


Obadiah Parker

In my random browsings today I found this cover of Hey Ya by a guy called Mat Weddle, who is part of a band called Obadiah Parker.

I highly recommend that you check them out, Mat has a beautiful voice and they list Pedro the Lion and Stavesacre as their influences, so they must be really cool people too!

They have four tracks available to listen to on their myspace, all of which are wonderful.

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I cried today.

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