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Tree 63 – All Because

They tell me to abandon you to make my dreams come true.
So what am I supposed to do, if I only dream of You?

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Being the “right person” for someone else is not a quantifiable thing. You are either right or you aren’t, there is no in between. There is no scale to rate yourself on, no way to improve yourself, no way to become “more right”.

Being the “right person” for someone else is not a possible thing. You can be “more right” than another person, but there is no way to reach a perfect state of compatibility. Every action you take towards a person affects their opinion of you, and alters your degree of “rightness”.

I’m not sure either of these statements is entirely true. I think that personally I would put the truth somewhere in between. I have never been convinced of the whole “perfect partner” thing, but equally I don’t think you can really measure how well a couple will relate to one another until they actually try. I’m sure there are things which make people more attracted to each other, but so many of those things are superficial, and until people get into a deeper relationship they will never really know how they feel. There will always be a degree of mystery in relationships, that hidden factor which doesn’t really relate to the two individuals but is only apparent when they are together.

In my mind the only logical approach is a completely illogical one for most people. Talk to God about it. He is the only one who really knows how people will be when they are together, so he is the only one truly qualified to give advice on the subject. Thats not to say other people can’t be right, or have insight into relationships, and of course I would (and do) go to my friends for advice. And because God is God, I would never go to him expecting a simply “it’s her” (although I wouldn’t complain if he did that!).

Getting it wrong and messing up is part of being human. Learning from those mistakes is the most exciting part of being human. By God’s grace we have the option to change, to improve, to become more like him. By God’s mercy he changes us, improves us, makes us more like him.

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Playing with sounds

I recently began exploring some of the more fancy features of winamp, which is the piece of software I use to play all of my music on the computer. It has some quite cool stuff in it, all linked into it’s “media library”, which is basically a convenient way of storing information about all of the media files on your computer.

It does stuff like remember how many times you’ve played a track, thus creating a list of your favourite (or at least most listened to) songs. It also organises everything in useful ways so that it’s very easy to find the music you want.

The feature I’ve been most impressed with at all though is something called MusicMagic, which basically looks at all of your music, analyses it and checks it against a large online database, and comes out with other music in your collection which is similar in style. Once all of this fancy analysis is complete, you can select any track and ask winamp to give you a selection of other similar tracks, which it dutifully does, very accurately.

So now instead of the music I listen to either being album by album or completely random (which can result in very odd progressions), I’ve been using this tool to pick out playists depending on what I feel like listening to. Basically, it’s fantastic!

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I’ve been working at Antibo for over a month now. I’ve been there pretty much every friday and saturday, and a couple of weeks ago I did 10 days straight (ended up having one day off in a two week period). It’s actually quite fun there when there is stuff going on, but during the week it got pretty boring at times as there’s only so much cleaning a barman can take…

The people who I work with are all great fun, there is a lot of variety and most of them are pretty chatty which is cool. The management are OK for the most part, although they do tend to annoy everyone quite a lot by telling us what to do when we’re already doing it, or telling us off for something we haven’t done/couldn’t avoid/already knew.

I guess there are three major downsides to the job, which are the pay, the hours, and the stress (mostly a result of the management). The pay I can deal with, the stress is really minimal, but the hours really suck the life out of me and unfortunately I’m not going to be able to continue during term because of them.

I had intended on telling them today that I was stopping, but I had to go home early because my back has starting hurting rather badly (for no particular reason…), which means I’ll have to break the news tomorrow, and since the rota is made on fridays I will already be down to do some days next week. I think I will probably agree to do them, thus giving them 1 weeks notice. Not that I have to give them any notice, as I didn’t sign any work contract with them…

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Putting my skills to use

So this evening me and Dave put together a selection of posters for a lunch bar which the Christian Union is running next tuesday. It hasn’t left much time for them to be printed and put up around campus, so I’m hoping all that gets done efficiently and in time for them to have an impact.

I then had a really good chat with Dave about life, which was really nice. I can’t say that me and Dave talk about “deep” stuff all that often, so I’m really glad we did, and I hope that we have many more chats over the next year!

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This amuses me:

toothpaste for dinner

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