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literally minded

So i just received an e-mail which began:
Hi, Peter,
Thank you so much, I know I have a gem in you.

And my thought process was something like this:
“How did they get a gem inside of me without me noticing?”
“Thats rather intrusive… they should have asked first!”
“Oooh, I wonder if the gem is worth much.”
“Perhaps I should try and remove it.”
“Nah, it probably wouldn’t be worth going through surgery for.”
“Oh wait… thats just a figure of speach… damn…”

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I’m not really sure what this means… but I drew it anyway.

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So tonight I went out with some of my coursemates, and had a brilliant time. We went to a club called Liquid, which only opened this year, and is absolutely brilliant!

Upon getting home, I had a brief conversation with a friend about what I’d been up to tonight, and as a result of that I drew these:
clubbing is bad for you

avoid spiked drinks (they're hard to swallow)

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A new toy arrived this morning, and I’ve been playing around with it quite a lot. It’s a graphical tablet for my PC, which is basically a touch sensitive pad so that I can control the cursor with a pen. The reason I bought it was so that I could draw on my computer properly (I fully intend to find something slightly better than stickmen to draw), but it’s turned out to be a whole lot more useful than that.

As I mentioned, it lets you control your cursor, which means that a graphics tablet can in theory replace your mouse. It takes a little getting used to, but it’s actually very easy to use, and I’ve been finding myself using it for a lot of things. Obviously it’s not much use for most of the things I use my computer for, but if I don’t need to use the keyboard then it’s fine.

As for the drawings, for which I bought the tablet, it’s really easy to use and because it’s pressure sensitive (and I have some software which takes advantage of that), I’ve been able to make some vast improvements on my rubbish stick figures! I uploaded a few sketches, mostly of cartoon people, and I’m sure I’ll be posting more things as I improve.

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boredom –> comics

I would have just put this on mathsforlaughs with the rest of them, but it has nothing to do with maths.



I am suffering from compulsary insomnia. It is a direct result of me being too lazy to do my work at a sensible time of day.

current time: 11:53
time tomorrow begins: 8:30
hours of work to complete: 3

estimated sleep tonight: 3 hours

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