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Valentines day

Courtesy of Ze Frank

“Valentines day is sorta the opposite of Christmas. On Christmas we go to bed looking forward to exchanging gifts with the people we love. On valentines day we exchange gifts hoping to go to bed with the people we love…”

“If you think about it, saying I love you on valentines day means less than it does on pretty much any other day in the year. It’s like there’s inflation on the currency of romance or something.”

Among other bits of insightful wisdom.

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A close friend of mine from Nottingham has become extremely ill recently. He is currently in hospital, and may well be there for another 6 months. He is likely to make a full recovery, however there is no guarantee of that. In fact I received an e-mail today saying that he had to be resuscitated, which certainly isn’t a good thing.

Hopefully I will be visiting him on Sunday afternoon. This prospect is a little frightening. The last person I visited in a hospital was my Dad. It was quite a few years ago, and due to a terminal illness he has called Crohns disease (terminal means permanent, not life threatening by the way). I was quite young at the time and I don’t remember it being a particularly sad occasion, but that was mostly because he was in recovery at the time. Now that I’m a little older and I look back on the experience it’s quite upsetting, and I’m not sure I want to go through it again.

If anyone would like to pray for this, and I know it would be appreciated if you do, his name is Austin, and he has something called Guilluame-Barre syndrome.

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