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The end of an (be)era…

Worst title ever…

Anyway, of the 20 beers I received at Christmas, I have now drunken all 20 of them. I will be placing the 20th bottle up with the rest of my display collection tomorrow at some point, and I may even bother to take some photos.

I now have too many bottle to fit on top of our cupboards (mainly because there is a small football net being stored up there with them), so I am going to head to homebase at some stage and purchase some MDF, out of which I’m going to build a stand so that I can create two rows of beer displaying goodness. This will be fun, as I’m going to have to make it up entirely myself, including deciding how I’m going to join all the bits of wood together. I am rather looking forward to doing this, as DIY is an extremely manly thing to be engaged in.

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The Criterion

I got a text from Will earlier today asking if I would like to join him this evening in a pub for some pizza and fancy beer. My evening was such that I had no plans, and so of course I said yes.

When we arrived (joined by a third gentleman, Murray), we discovered that there was a pop quiz happening that evening, so we stuck around after we had eaten to partake in this quiz.

It was absolutely brilliant! Mostly because the quizmaster was hilarious, through a combination of deadpan sarcastic comments and general insults directed at pretty much everything (most especially the music he was playing).

Indeed, we even managed to win something. We came third in the final round (there were three rounds, and winners could not win later rounds, so this wasn’t exactly a great achievement!). Our prize was the soundtrack to our evening, and as an added bonus, the soundtrack to last weeks evening too.

I suspect we will be returning next week for more entertainment, and total failure at the quiz. Huzzah!

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I was just flicking through my new copy of PC Gamer, when I came across a gem which made me laugh out loud. PCG is filled with little tidbits of information and humour, and I have the utmost respect for the team of writers who consistently make their subject matter interesting and entertaining, as well as genuinely funny.

Anyway, the thing which really made me laugh was this; in a review of a new game called S.T.A.L.K.E.R., the following sentence appeared:
“This is mainly because (punctuationectomy!) Stalker approaches the genre…”

I love that they just made up an excessively long word in order to shorten one! (although the shortened Stalker is used throughout the review so the space saved is a lot more than that taken by their invention).

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Daily Choice

I am embarking on a new and exciting adventure. I’m not entirely sure where it will lead. Heck, I don’t even know if it’ll get started at the moment!

I have spent some of my spare time over the past week or so building a website called “Daily Choice”. The design for the site is complete and I’ve put some forums up, although I still have quite a bit of coding to do in order to make it functional.

The concept for the site is a very simple one. Each day members will be given a choice of two things which they can do that day. The two options could be pretty much anything, from the somewhat mundane like doing some housework, to the slightly extroverted like greeting a complete stranger loudly, to the rather odd such as wearing at least 3 different outfits in public in one day.

My plan is to launch the website at Easter, by which time I hope to have all the coding complete and the site running properly. I also rather hope to have a large collection of options by then, so that the choices don’t run dry too quickly.

The inspiration for this little adventure came from a Lent experiment which was initiated on facebook, which was much the same idea, although restricted to “doing nice things” (not that that’s very restricting!).

If you’re at all interested, I would love for you to sign up, even if you don’t take part when the site starts it would be nice to hear your opinions on the idea!

You can check it out here:

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