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Note For a Child – The Day of Your Return

Note For a ChildThe Day of Your Return

Were you a star alone that light the evening heaven
One star in all the hosts that dance at night
I know that I would feel your absence like a vacuum
If you would fail to rise one time

But you are all the stars and suns and moons above me
And you are all the light I’m standing in
Within the love of one who knows and has surrendered
To give the life that we delight to know

For you are all the love and beauty I remember
Through all the turns your journey takes
And you must know that I am longing for your presence
For the day of your return
And I am waiting.
For you are all the love and beauty I remember
Through all the turns your journey takes
And you must know that I am longing for your presence
For the day of your return
And I am waiting, yes I am waiting

Were I to realise the greatness of your passion
How pure and sacred is your love for me
How vast and infinite the depths of your compassion
So much greater than I’ve ever seen
For you are all the love and beauty I remember
Through all the turns your journey takes
And you must know that I am longing for your presence
For the day of your return

And I am waiting, for the day of your return
Yes I am waiting, for the day of your return
My heart is aching, for the day of your return
When you are all the light I’m standing in

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And I’m off again

In about 30 minutes time I’m going to be leaving for a weekend away with the CCL youth. This is going to be an interesting experience, since I don’t really have a clue whats going on at the moment.

Currently I’m finished off my packing, waiting for a cake to finish baking (I was told to bring yummies), and pumping out some Andy Hunter at excessively high volume. It’s a pretty fantastic way to be spending this beautiful afternoon really, especially as my window is open and the sunlight and heat are pounding my room.

Time to spend an amazing weekend with the youth and God. YAY!

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I had rather planned on blogging about the last couple of days in detail, but as it is I haven’t really had the time (or access to a computer) to do so.

Anyway, here is a brief run-down of whats been happening:

Grandparents arrived at our house at around 3, and we left for Sheffield to pick up my Dad’s Dad, so that we had a complete collection of grandparents! And from there we left for Hull to catch our ferry. The ferry journey was pleasant enough, although not many of us slept (it was an overnight ferry).

Arrived in Rotterdam at some ridiculous hour in the morning, and drove up to Amsterdam (after a large breakfast on the ferry), where we spent most of the day.

We wandered around Amsterdam for a while, grabbing a coffee in a lovely little coffee shop and hopping on a canal tour of the city. We had some lunch in a nice restaurant and then went to the history of Amsterdam museum, where I learnt quite a lot about the city. Prior to going there I only really know roughly where it was and that soft drugs were legal there!

Then in the late afternoon we drove East for a couple of hours, reaching our hotel in a small town called Emsdetten just past the border in Germany. There we checked ourselves in and had a delicious meal in the hotel restaurant. We are all very much looking forward to eating there again later this week!

In the morning, after another large breakfast in the hotel, Jenny (my sister) came down from Rheine, where she has been living since last year, and after showing her around the hotel we drove up to Rheine, which is only about 10 minutes drive north of our hotel, and met her host family.

The family are extremely nice and treated us to a trip out to a local monastery which has been turned into a museum. The monastery belonged to an order of monks none of us had heard of, and the building had been discovered and restored by the local people not too long ago (maybe 20-40 years, I don’t remember).

After that the family fed us all, which was very good of them as it seemed to be an impromptu decision made before we left for the museum, and there were 7 of us so it was no small thing! It was really nice to spend the evening with them and I think all of us came away knowing a lot more about Germany, and in some cases a little more of the German language than we did before.

As per Jenny’s host families suggestion, in the morning we picked her up and headed to the local zoo in Rheine. It was a brilliant experience! The zoo was a lot more hands on than most zoo’s I’ve been too, with a monkey enclosure that you could walk through (and some others too, but the monkeys were the most interesting).

We saw all sorts of animals, some of the most remarkable being Wallobies, Alpacas, Llamas, and a few which I’ve never even heard of before! Of course everything was in German, so I have no idea what their English names are, sorry.

As I said, there was a monkey enclosure which you could walk through, this was brilliant because the monkeys are so used to people that they actually rifled through peoples pockets and stole stuff from them! Very entertaining to watch!

After that we had a chance to relax in the afternoon, and we watched the recent Starsky and Hutch movie. Then we went out for some food in a restaurant near where Jenny lives, which was really quite excellent.

And that brings me to now, writing this blog. I think it’s probably time for me to go to bed, since we have some much more planned for the rest of the week, I definately need to sleep!

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Finally, a break!

I’m just about done packing, and I still need to do some quick cleaning in the kitchen, but once that’s done I’m ready to go home. Of course I won’t be staying at home for very long (I never do these days). No, I’ll be there for about a day before we (my extended family and I) head to the coast to catch a ferry to mainland Europe.

We’ll be spending roughly a week in Germany, having passed through Amsterdam and done a great deal of driving (obviously not me personally!). This is a somewhat exciting prospect as I’ve never been to Germany before, and my sister is there at the moment so I will actually get to spend some proper time with her.

Unfortunately I didn’t manage to complete everything I had planned on completing before leaving today. I’ve achieved almost nothing in terms of revision so far which is more than a little concerning, and my project work which is due in straight after the easter holidays is still somewhat unfinished. I also didn’t manage to get DailyChoice ready, which I’m rather upset about. My initial plan was to have finished all the coding work before I left, and then to kick off the site on the sunday when I return (or possibly the monday). Now that really isn’t going to happen, unless I get back to Leicester early in the afternoon on sunday and spent the rest of my day working on it properly.

Anyway, I have lots to do still, and a train to catch later on, so that’s about it.

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So I’m at work, blogging

So I’m at work now, first day on the job.  Admittedly I arrived about 10 minutes early, but so far it’s been going great.

 I turned up and there weren’t many people around.  I met Andy and he offered me a cup of tea, fantastic!  And then showed me through to the office, where I am now writing a blog entry, because there isn’t anything else to do!

 In a couple of minutes when more people start arriving I’m sure I will actually get to do some work, but thus far it seems like a pretty sweet deal.

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