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Pansy girly music

Much to my surprise, Jordan (one of my new housemates) rather enjoys “pansy girly music”. I discovered this a little while ago when he played me some Brooke Fraser, who I hadn’t heard before, but rather liked.

For those of you who don’t know, “pansy girly music” is a genre which I made up. It basically consists of solo female artists with really good voices who sing good songs with good lyrics. The reason I call it “pansy girly music” is simply because it’s a fairly girly style of music, and certainly most of the girls I know enjoy it.

At the moment there are 4 pansy girly artists who I am enjoying listening to, and I think you should check them out too. They are;
Brooke Fraser
Ginny Owens
Sara Groves
Nichole Nordeman

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The morning routine

It’s 1am, and I think it’s about time that I admitted that I have a problem.

I will go to sleep in a few minutes, fully intending to wake up at 7am when my alarm goes off, and then immediately get out of bed, have a shower, get dressed, do a short Bible study over breakfast, make some sandwiches for lunch, and then head off to work on time (i.e. without having to rush).

The reality it that I will wake up in the morning at 7am when my alarm goes off, I will clamber out of bed and walk across to my alarm clock, I will then hit snooze and clamber back into bed for 10 minutes. I will repeat this until it is 8am, at which point I will fail to have a shower (no time), I will rush down some breakfast (assuming I have any milk in the fridge), and I will rush out of the house to work. I will feel horrible all day from not having gone through any sort of morning routine, and I will be annoyed with myself for once again failing to do that Bible study.

If I had gone to bed a few hours ago, after watching that TV program which finished at 10:30, then I probably wouldn’t have a problem with the morning. What actually happens is that I put another TV program on and keep watching until 1am, or sometimes even later. I will get 6 hours sleep instead of a more sensible amount, and I will make some excuse in the morning and pretend that I’ll do it all properly tomorrow.

It’s not like there’s even anyone else in the house at the moment to keep tabs on me, so there really isn’t much incentive to change. I’m a bit of a loser really!

Well, goodnight!

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