Monthly Archives: October 2007

The social house

I was determined this year to get back to my Tennyson boys roots, and be the sociable house again. So far this term we have done the following:
Open house in week 1 (roughly 1 million people turned up)
Mens breakfast on Saturday of week 2 (roughly 10 people turned up)
Had some lovely ladies round on Wednesday of week 3 (roughly 2 people turned up)

As well as the odd random drop in, which is always good.

And tonight we are hosting the first official CU lads night of the year, which will involve watching the rugby (of course), and then much geekery and playing of computer games.

I feel like we’ve been doing pretty well so far, but of course there is always room for improvement. It is my intention to ensure that we have at least one guest around for dinner per week, something we haven’t really managed yet. And beyond that, I’m planning on running a regular mens breakfast on Saturday mornings, probably starting after houseparty. Although this may turn into a mens brunch, depending on how much the lovely first years object to waking up before midday on Saturday!

Anyway, I have to get back to cleaning the house in preparation for the madness that will ensue later.

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