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Relay Prep begins!

It’s the end of April, which means I have just short of 4 months before I being Relay. For those who aren’t aware, I am about to finish my Masters and next year I’m sticking around Leicester Uni and working (voluntarily) for UCCF on their year out called Relay. If you want to find out a little more about the year here is a brief overview of it from the UCCF website.

The first challenge of the year is that it is completely voluntary, which means I have to raise all the money I will need to survive a year on my own. UCCF recommends that Relay workers aim to raise between £4000 and £6000, and judging on my outgoings from the past four years at uni I am certainly targeting the upper end of that range. Thankfully I do have a bit of a headstart on this already as I have been working during the holidays, and will be working from July until Relay begins. In theory (although I haven’t sat down and created a budget for any of this time) this will leave me with around £1500 in the bank at the start of the year without any other peoples support. Of course that leaves me with a deficit of £4500 for the year, so this is still slightly scary!

One of the things I intend to set up before I begin Relay is a newsletter which I will e-mail out to people semi-regulary which will contain a general update on what I’ve been doing and some prayer points for anyone willing to support me in that way. Another rather important step I need to take quite soon is to get a general letter written up explaining what I’m up to next year to give to all those lovely people I know who I don’t have contact with over the internet. Technology is great and all, but it’s easy to neglect people because I rely on it so much!

The other important step I need to take is coming up with fundraising ideas. It would be rather pathetic of me to not do something exciting with myself in an effort to raise money, but I’m not feeling very imaginative at the moment so any wacky suggestions would be appreciated.

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My LiveJournal lives!

I stopped posting in my LJ almost 2 years ago now. I stopped because I got my website up and running again and wanted to use that for blogging so that I could have a little more flexibility in what I did with the blog.

Since then I have kept on visiting LJ for the sake of my friends page, which has been a great way to keep track of a select few people who I know on LJ, and it’s been neat for maintaining a steady flow of comic strips throughout my week.

I’ve found myself using LJ more and more recently to comment on other peoples blogs and generally have a bit of fun regarding a few comics, and I figured it would be nice for those people who mainly keep in touch with me through LJ to actually have something on my LJ to read!

As such, I’ve just set my blog up to crosspost everything to LJ when it is written. This has included backdated entries as well, so there is no longer a gaping hole in my LJ, it just carries on from when I transferred to my personal blog!

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April Fools!

There was a bit of talk yesterday at work regarding what we could do this morning for april fools. In the end noone bothered, although it has been mentioned a few times in passing.

What did happen a little while ago though, was that during our lunch break Andy was browsing YouTube, and was subject to their April fools prank. The prank was that all of the videos on the front page were fake and led to a single video of Rick Astley’s never gonne give you up. In short, I image thousands of people today have been Rick Rolled. I rather enjoyed the confusion on Andy’s face, but I refrained from explaining to him what had just happened. I suspect my geekiness would not go down too well in the office…

Since posting this, I read a few webcomics, and none other than Bunny managed to get me. As a result of this, I have also just discovered that XKCD also rick rolled me a little while ago and I didn’t even realise it! I <3 the internet!

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