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Get out there and vote!

In case you hadn’t noticed, there is an election happening right now. I had the pleasure of speaking from Romans 13 this morning on government and our submission to it. My hope is that I managed to encourage a bunch of people to get engaged with politics, to realise that as Christians we have a unique role to play in the way our country is ruled.

Our purpose as Christians is not to overthrow government, and it certainly isn’t to use government to impose Christianity upon the nation. Our main purpose is to share the gospel, and we do not do that through politics. However we do have to deal with government, and the Bible is pretty clear on how government should function.

Romans 13 describes a government which is a terror to evil conduct, and approves of good conduct. Our government should be like that, it should deal with good and evil on those terms. We live in a democratic country where we are able to influence government very easily. So we should be engaging with and influencing the authorities in the UK in such a way that they become a government that approves of good conduct, and punishes evil.

We should be sharing with our government exactly what we understand to be good and evil, and how they should be dealing with those things. We should be voting on those terms, so that the government which ultimately will have control in a weeks time is a government which deals with good and evil correctly. We should not leave it there either, after the election we should continue to engage with our rulers in such a way that we show them what the Bible has to say about good and evil. We need to show government what their job is.

If you like, you can have a listen to the whole talk here:


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