April Fools!

There was a bit of talk yesterday at work regarding what we could do this morning for april fools. In the end noone bothered, although it has been mentioned a few times in passing.

What did happen a little while ago though, was that during our lunch break Andy was browsing YouTube, and was subject to their April fools prank. The prank was that all of the videos on the front page were fake and led to a single video of Rick Astley’s never gonne give you up. In short, I image thousands of people today have been Rick Rolled. I rather enjoyed the confusion on Andy’s face, but I refrained from explaining to him what had just happened. I suspect my geekiness would not go down too well in the office…

Since posting this, I read a few webcomics, and none other than Bunny managed to get me. As a result of this, I have also just discovered that XKCD also rick rolled me a little while ago and I didn’t even realise it! I <3 the internet!

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