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When I created this website a number of years ago it was made for my programming work (or rather, hobby).

Since then the programming has fallen by the wayside, and my blog is the most prominent thing here. As such, the SpiderScripts handle is a bit weird (especially when I have to explain it to someone face to face…), and I would like to change it.

Trouble is, I am feeling uninspired. I need a new name for the blog, something which vaguely conveys it’s purpose.

Here are the things I generally post about, roughly in order of frequency:

  • Theological ponderings
  • Snippets of interesting things I find
  • Occasional geekiness – i.e. tech news
  • Random thoughts and events in life
  • The odd bit of creativity on my part

So if you have any thoughts on a new blog title I would appreciate any input. If I come up with a few different ideas I might even be really geeky and have a poll!

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Teaching Blog

In just over a week I will begin my PGCE, and if all goes well then in a years time I will be a teacher.

One of the things that will be essential to the training year is careful reflection on my experiences in and out of the classroom, as well as thinking carefully and critically about the various schools of thought surrounding teaching my subject (secondary school maths). To help me do that, I have set up a new blog on which I will be posting reflections on the teacher training year. I am also hoping that some of my fellow students will get involved as well and also contribute, but as I haven’t met any of them yet I can’t really guarantee that!

If you are at all interested in teaching, or in what I’ll be up to during the next year, then feel free to follow the new blog. Hopefully it will be interested even to those now in the teaching profession.

We Teach Maths

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