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Penny therapy

Its been a long and busy week. Friday was particularly manic and I didnt get a lot of rest on Saturday as I was putting together my new bookshelf and sorting out all of the junk in my room for most of the afternoon. This morning I had to get into Church early to help set up and I was singing up front during the service which is always quite draining.

At the end of the service I was feeling really disconnected from everyone around me, and the exhaustion from the week was taking its toll. On top of that I have been wrestling with some heart issues which have been difficult to ignore this week, stuff which is complicated and without a quick fix.

After the service there was a student meal, and having finished the pack down from the service I tentatively snuck into the back of the room where the meal was happening, still not sure whether I could face staying. I am really glad that I chose to stay.

I spent almost the entire time sitting with Penny, talking about what she had been up to (which included ballet and a movie with a big cat) and doing some colouring in. Penny didnt care about how tired I was, or what was running through my head, she was just content to sit and colour and chat away. For Penny the world is not a complicated place, and so for me the hour or so sat with her was blissful. I just sat and enjoyed the simplicity of a nearly-4-year-old child enjoying life.

Next time Im feeling down, I might give a nearby family a ring and ask if I can hang out with them and their kids for a while.

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