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Christmas is about Easter

I recently heard a brief little talk broadly aimed at non-Christians regarding the story of Christmas. The essence of the talk was that Jesus came to show us how to live properly, because we have been following our own ideas and messing everything up. Basically, I was told that what we really need is to have our Creators blueprints in front of us so we can see how to live properly.


Jesus did not come as an example to us, that was not the point. Before the incarnation we already had a perfect example of how to live rightly before God. It’s called the law. We still have that.

A handy guide to living properly is of no value at all, because it doesnt matter what guidance we are given we will always mess up. No matter how perfect the instruction, we cannot follow it to the letter 100% of the time. In fact, we cant follow Gods law any of the time in our own strength.

The real message of Christmas is exactly the same as the message of Easter. We are hopelessly incapable of following God in our own strength. In order to live rightly before God we need new hearts, the only way to receive a new heart is through Jesus dealing with our sin by dying on the Cross.

Jesus did not come to live.

Jesus came to die.

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