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The internet is poisonous

Blogging (and similarly facebook, twitter, all of that jazz) is by it’s very nature insubstantial. I am constantly being reminded that if I want to grow, if I want to deepen my understanding of a subject, then the solution is to get hold of some decent books and read, and open my Bible up and study. Reading a blog post is good for stirring up thoughts and ideas to be chewed over later, it’s good for bringing a flash of insight into a Bible passage which you can dig into properly next week. It is never sufficient for actually growing in understanding.

A long time ago a friend stopped reading my livejournal (read: blog for angsty teenagers), and the reason she gave was simple “I am tired of reading about peoples emotional issues”. She was pretty wise, and I’m really glad she said that because it made me realise that I had been using a blog as a dumping ground for how bad I was feeling. Every time I felt a bit low, had a tough day or whatever (and I was a teenager so most of the time what I wrote about was pathetic!) it went on the blog and I felt a bit better.

Now I want to scream at myself for being so stupid! Airing a problem on the internet isn’t going to solve anything! Twittering that you just broke up with your boyfriend doesn’t do anything beyong maybe making some people feel sorry for you. Blogging about how tough work was today has no lasting impact beyong you feeling better because now everyone knows how hard your job is. The internet as an emotional dumping ground is completely useless because it gives the illusion of helping without actually changing anything.

We are suppose to work out our problems in relationship and community with the people around us. For this reason the internet is poisonous, because it looks and feels like a community, but it doesn’t actually offer the tangible help that people need. The next time I twitter/facebook/blog about a problem I have, please give me a slap and tell me to go and talk to someone in the real world!

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