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Easter isn’t about the Cross

Well, OK, it kind of is. But more importantly it’s also about the resurrection!

The Cross is a beautiful place, where Jesus became sin for us so that we could live and have freedom to worship God. I love the Cross and I go there often because I need constant reminding about where my strength comes from.

The resurrection is better though. Without the resurrection the Cross would be an empty gesture, without any power to save. The fact that Christ rose again is absolutely essential, and the resurrection is what we celebrate at easter. On good friday Jesus’ died, and on easter sunday he rose again.

We celebrate Sunday, as the completion of what began on Friday.

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Where is the Cross in your Church?

There are two senses in which I want to ask this question. The first is physically where is the Cross? Do you have one on display somewhere? If so is it somewhere focal, or is it in the periphery?

I have been in a few different Churches, and I know that they pretty much always have something on display. In a Church building it might be ornate stained glass windows, or engraved Bible verses on the walls. In a rented place its more likely to be handmade banners hung up somewhere. I have never been in a Church where there was nothing (although Im sure some Churches do go this way). So if youre going to display something, it should probably be the Cross first and foremost. A picture of a rainbow is lovely, but the rainbow was a promise pointing towards the Cross. A Bible verse is great, but the whole Bible is about the Cross, so why not that.

The second sense in which I ask is where is the Cross in the actual service? Is it in the welcome when you invite people to take a seat and thank them for coming? Is it in the conclusion where you invite people to stay and share tea and coffee with you? How about all of the many parts in between?

I sincerely hope that the Cross is a major (or better, the major) focus of the worship, and of the sermon. But what about the other parts of the service? How can we best display Gods grace through the Cross in the way we do Church?

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Always the Gospel

Here is a wonderful truth, every Christian in the world holds in their hands the solution to every problem in the world. There is no problem in any persons life which is not answered by the gospel, and there never will be. Neither is there any problem in nature that is not addressed and solved completely by the gospel.

Jesus’ death and resurrection are the solution to all problems ever.

If you ever deal with a pastoral issue in someones life without applying the cross, then you have not offered a solution, you’ve at best presented a “cure” for the symptoms. If you ever try to deal with the brokenness of the natural world without looking to the resurrection then you will miss the fact that this world was broken by sin and will be fixed completely soon (at least, soon by God’s timescale).

Never move on from the Cross of Christ, never look for the other solutions beyond the Cross, never search for the deeper truths outside of the Cross. Everything is in Christ and his Cross.

Colossians 2:6-7

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