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Mobilise Wednesday Morning

This morning was the first of the mobilise sessions, followed by the first set of mobilise seminars. For me there was a really clear theme running through those morning sessions of relying totally on God.

In the main session Tom Shaw spoke on John 5:16-18, sharing how we should do nothing without the father. Our attitude should be one of total humility, total acceptance of our inability to act on our own initiative. And from that position of humility and surrender we are then able to do what we see the father doing.We are able to follow and imitate him totally, not on our own initiative but following his.

Key to this is to take time to pause in our lives and observe. Lay aside time to rest in Gods presence and just listen and watch him to see what hes doing. I was massively challenged that my life is full of activity and busyness, and that I leave little room for just hanging out with God, seeking his will.

This theme was massively carried through to the seminar I went to on Biblical leadership. The essence of the seminar from Mike Betts was that true Biblical leadership is the act of responding and reacting to the promptings of God. Leadership should be reactive based on what God promises us and what he initiates in us, not proactive and from our own strength and desires.

Mike really helpfully encouraged each of us that one of the greatest challenges to aspiring leaders is that of being unknown and obscure. This is a challenge that we must wrestle with and overcome, because some who feel called to leadership will in fact remain obscure for most or perhaps all of their lives. Its up to God to decide if and when to initiate positions of leadership for us, and until that happens we simply need to trust in him.

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Look at me, I’m so humble!

I haven’t blogged much recently, mostly because I’ve been pretty busy with the PGCE, but I just read this and had to post a little extract from it.

What I can do, however, is have the decency to be ashamed of my drive to self-promotion and my craving for attention and for flattery and not indulge it as if it were actually a virtue or a true guide to my real merit. I am not humble, so I should not pretend to be so but rather confess it in private, seeking forgiveness and sanctification. And, negatively, I must avoid doing certain things. I must not proudly announce my humility on the internet so that all can gasp in wonder at my self-effacement. I must make sure I never refer to myself as a scholar. I must not tell people how wonderful I am. I must resist the temptation to laugh at my own jokes. I must not applaud my own speeches. I must deny myself the pleasure of posting other people’s overblown flattery of me on my own website, let alone writing such about myself. I must never make myself big by clinging to the coat-tails of another. In short, I must never take myself too seriously.

Being humble on the internet is a near impossible task, a I know I fail miserably at it on many occasions.

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Fools Rush In Where Monkeys Fear To Tread

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