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Define: Revival

Dear Christians

Please define: Revival


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Revival? No, thankyou

I belong to a charismatic Church, and one consequence of that is that there are fairly consistent reminders that we would all quite like a “revival” to happen. I dislike this sentiment, passionately.

Not that I have any problems with revivals, clearly there have been a number of clear periods in history when God has worked in a specific and powerful way which resulted in massive numbers of people coming to the Church (and many within the Church realising what it was actually about!).

The trouble is, when you keep chatting away about the next revival, you start trying to make it happen yourself. You look back at Church history and say, “well, the such and such revival happened primarily because of the 24/7 prayer they started”, and then the automatic reaction to that is “well, lets start up a 24/7 prayer movement so that revival can happen”.

Frankly, I don’t care whether another revival happens in my lifetime or not. Obviously it would be an amazing thing to be caught up in the middle of a revival, but that is not what God has called us to. There is nothing in the Bible telling us to sit around and wait for revival to happen. We have Jesus, we have the Spirit, we have the Father, we don’t need to wait to start doing what we would end up doing in the midst of a revival anyway.

Lets just get on with praying like we ought to, preaching what we ought to, and generally living out a life of obedience which results in the gospel being shared with the people we meet. And lets not do it because it might spark a revival, lets just do it because we’re Christians and there is no better reason.

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